Dr. Nowshir Nissar

Dr. Nowshir Nissar is your primary dental provider at COSMODONT dentistry. Dr. Nissar has over 30 years of experience in Clinical Dentistry. He has been providing exceptional clinical services in the fields of Orthodontics (Braces), Restorative and reconstructive dentistry, Cosmetic, Surgical and Implant dentistry. He has added Hard and Soft tissue Laser to his practice after getting to know the wonders of Laser treatment.

He takes pride, and is passionate of his clinical work and patient satisfaction. He loves to keep himself updated with the latest in dentistry and continues educating himself by attending various courses. He is a certified Laser Dentist, Invisalign provider and an Associate Fellow of American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is also a mentor for many in the field of dentistry for over 25 years.

Dr. Nowshir Nissar is registered with RCDSO a good standing member of ODA, CDA, AGD, AAID.

Expert Dentist

Dr. Huma Tehseen

Dr. Huma Tehseen, a General Dentist, obtained her Canadian Dental licensure to practice dentistry in Canada in 2019. She graduated from a Dental school in India in 2009 and has assisted numerous patients in alleviating their pain and resolving dental issues since then.

Dr. Huma is dedicated and passionate about her work which enables her to deliver painless and gentle dentistry for a variety of procedures. She adopts the approach of educating and advising her patients about the various lines of treatment that can be followed to address their dental issues. She articulates the pros and cons of the procedures and obtains the patient’s consent prior to embarking on the treatment.

Dr. Huma keeps herself apprised with the latest dental treatments and technologies to provide the most advanced and high quality dental care for each of her patients. Her friendly and polite nature at the workplace establishes a great doctor-patient relationship. She has a great rapport with kids and treats them like her own.

Dr. Huma can communicate in English, Urdu, Hindi, Telugu and Punjabi. She looks forward to resolving your dental issues and assisting you in accomplishing a great smile.