Show off your million-dollar smile with invisible braces (Invisalign)

Your smile is one of the most beautiful features about yourself and it’s quite normal that if you have crooked teeth, you would like to straighten them. This is where Invisalign comes in. Invisalign Braces are an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without the use of conventional metal braces. They are a series of custom-made clear aligners that cover your teeth and pull them into the correct position over time. One of their primary advantages is they are clear, and that means they are less noticeable. These braces can also be taken on and off easily.

With Invisalign clear aligners there are no metal brackets or wire to detract from your smile while undergoing treatment. Your teeth can be comfortable and precisely aligned in half of the time it would require with traditional braces. In this blog, we discuss what you should know about Invisalign clear braces. Read on.

What are Invisalign braces made from?

Invisalign invisible braces are made from BPA-free plastic. It’s a form of thermoplastic that can be easily mouldable to the shape of your teeth. On your first visit, a 3D scan of all your teeth will be carried out and your custom aligners will be made. The process will be repeated every 4-6 weeks as the treatment progresses, giving you the amazing smile, you deserve.

Can everyone wear Invisalign clear braces?

Both teenagers and adults can use Invisalign clear aligners as teeth straightening solutions. These invisible braces can be used to treat several solutions such as

  • Over and underbite: Resolving these problems can help you with chewing and speech issues.
  • Overcrowded teeth: All your teeth will be having their own space and you will not suffer from any jaw problems.
  • Tooth gaps: Invisible braces can close these gaps and thereby prevent tooth infections.

The workings behind invisible braces

In the first consultation, you will have to undergo some oral tests and a 3D scan of all your tooth will be taken to create your custom set of aligners. The next time you visit your dental clinic, the aligners will be fitted with the necessary adjustments. You will have to wear your aligners all day, every during the course of treatment, except when you eat, brush, and floss your teeth. These braces are removable, and you can do so at any time you need to throughout the day.

Invisible braces are very comfortable. You will have to wear each set of aligners for two weeks followed by switching to the next set of aligners. At first, you will feel a little bit of tightness because they are designed to precisely and gently move your teeth. After a couple of days, your teeth will gradually move to a new position. You may notice that your aligners will feel a little loose after some time. However, you should not switch them early and wear them for the entire two weeks. It gives your teeth and gums time to adjust to the new position. Switching aligners too early may interfere with your treatment plan. You may see noticeable results within a couple of weeks and by the end of the treatment, you will have straightened teeth that you desire. Some of the advantages of invisible braces are:

  • They are comfortable and you will not have to worry about anyone noticing them because of their transparent appearance.
  • You will notice quicker results than traditional braces.
  • They are easier to maintain and you can take them out while having food.


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