Chipped tooth issues are not only common in children (who generally chip their teeth by biting into something hard or while playing outside) but in adults as well (this can happen during contact sports or due to weak teeth). Yes, the enamel on your teeth is one of the hardest tissues in the human body, but it is still vulnerable to chipping and even breaking. In the unfortunate case, you chipped your teeth or tooth, the first thing that you should do is locate the chipped tooth and rinse the area with water. If it’s bleeding, then apply pressure and visit your local dentist for further treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry can be the ideal solution

Yes, you read that right, cosmetic dentistry can restore your tooth or teeth back to their natural look. Chips and cracks can happen due to various reasons, but you should never ignore them thinking that the impact is only cosmetic. A chipped tooth can accelerate tooth decay and also cause infection. Visit a dentist as quickly as possible and a cosmetic dental procedure can take care of it. Below is a list of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help in restoring your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help

Before you visit the dentist

You can cover the affected area with the help of dental wax, temporary dental filling material or even a tea bag or sugar-free gum. This can be helpful in case of emergency to cover the jagged edge of the tooth to protect your gums and tongue from cuts or scrapes.  Over the counter, painkillers can help in reducing inflammation and pain. You can also use clove oil around the painful spots on your gums can also help numb the area around the chipped tooth. However, prevention is always better than a cure, maintain good oral hygiene to take care of your teeth and if you’re in contact sports, using a mouth guard always helps. You can contact us for more details.

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